Security Plus

OSCA/ASAP’s exclusive Security Plus feature allows you to delegate responsibility to members of your refinery management team while allowing you to retain control over the entire program to ensure your confidential employee data is protected.

With this hosted computer system, you, as the Primary Designated Employer Representative (DER), have control over the database functions and permission levels that are assigned to your staff members. Delegate the permission to view or manipulate employee data to create customized reports for individual refinery divisions.

For example, to allow HR department to see the results of background checks for refinery workers – it’s easy. Or allowing the oil refinery safety manager and HR administrator to have access to drug results is simple.

To assign user permissions, you can either use our preset “set permission” templates, or you can customize the templates to your needs.

This provides you with added security in assigning permission levels at petroleum refineries, and simplifies the management of your employee data. By assigning employees to individual petrochemical work locations, you can sort data by P.O. number, alphanumeric, project name or any custom identifier you create.

This is a hosted software solution that is accessabile anywhere via the internet. There is no software to install, servers to maintain, or systems to update. All your data is hosted securely in our world class facility.

Organizing your refinery worker information using unique identifiers allows you to simplify the task of retrieving training records, determining license and certification expiration dates and assessing program costs by location.

To learn how the hosted Security Plus System can maximize your refinery efficiencies and save you time and money, call toll-free at 866-699-2727.