RSO (Refinery Safety Overview)

RSO has developed standards for a training program designed to educate workers on the health and safety hazards associated with working in the petrochemical industry. The program offers an overview of safe work practices and health regulations, providing guidelines for maintaining a safe working environment for employees, contract employers, and plant owners. It also furnishes the basic training necessary to prevent work-related injuries and illness.

OSCA administers the RSO program, including data and records management, with convenient access to registration, course and test schedules, and status via the Internet.

RSO is not a substitute for an employer's safety programs or job specific training. Employers are responsible for establishing health and safety programs relevant to each job, in accordance with industry standards, and in compliance with current state and federal regulations.

The RSO Course Objectives

  • Identify major health and safety hazards associated with working in the petrochemical industry
  • Provide a basic understanding of refinery processes and operations
  • Educate workers on the actions they must take to minimize risk of illness and injury to self and others
  • Promote safety on the job and recognize every worker's role in maintaining a healthy work environment
  • Online registration and audit controls
  • Ability to deliver training anywhere in the world through our web based systems

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