Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I register an individual/employee for CBT training?
A. The DER may pre-register students for CBT on line at or by faxing a signed CBT registration form to OSCA at (562) 628-9399.

Q. What is the fastest method of registration?
A. On line is the fastest and most convenient way of registration as the DER can see the current class schedules, availability and the registration process is instantaneous.

Q. Can I register on line for CBT classes if I do not have an account with OSCA/ASAP?
A. No, only OSCA/ASAP members have the ability to register on line with their unique account number/pin codes. Non-member employers and individuals must pre-pay our billing department, complete a registration form and fax it to OSCA before registration can proceed.

Q. How do I establish an account with OSCA?
A. Please call (562) 624-2720 and ask for client services or go online at for sign up forms.

Q. Will I get a card from OSCA after completing a CBT course?
A. OSCA will issue an OSCA training card which lists courses completed and passed. The OSCA card also will indicate the expiration date(s) of such courses.

Q. How can I cancel a CBT registration?
A. Cancellations must be made 24 hours prior to the class schedule date/time (not including weekends). This can be accomplished on line (by OSCA/ASAP members) All cancellations made outside of this time frame will not be processed and will result in full forfeiture of the training/testing fee.

Q. How long are the CBT courses?
A. The length of the CBT courses varies from 30 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the course. The time taken to complete a course may vary because students work at their own pace.

Q. If a student fails a CBT course, is the student permitted to retest? Who pays for the re-test?
A. Students are only permitted to take the same CBT course 2 times in one day. On the registration form, the DER must check off the appropriate authorization for retest. If the student is to pay for the re-test, he/she must pay with a money order made payable to OSCA.

Q. What if I lose my OSCA badge?
A. Students must bring in a $5.00 money order made payable to OSCA as well as a VALID government issued ID for a replacement OSCA badge. Alternatively, the DER may fax a signed letter on company letterhead authorizing payment for the replacement card.

Q. Can I register a student to take more than one CBT course at 4:00 p.m.?
A. No, because the CBT lab closes at 6 p.m. The 4 p.m. training allows for only one CBT course with NO RE-TEST. When registering a student to take more than one CBT course in a day, please register for each course and select a different time of the day allowing the individual to complete the registered training.