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Data Management

If you are like many managers, you are responsible for overseeing your company’s drug and alcohol program, staying on top of employee training requirements, remembering key recertification and expiration dates for all your employees – and then breaking down program costs by location.

Managing multiple human resources programs can often require more time than you can afford.

That’s why OSCA/ASAP developed its proprietary web-based data management program – to help managers, Designated Employer Representatives (DER) and administrators oversee their responsibilities more efficiently and securely.

OSCA’s versatile and secure online data management system helps you manage the information you need to remain in compliance with the many different company, industry and government mandates.

With OSCA you have the power to

  • Track employee training history, even with multiple locations
  • Utilize a wide array of auditing and verification reports
  • Simplify billing
  • Break down costs by location
  • Review and pay bills online
  • Obtain real-time results – anytime you need them

OSCA’s exclusive Security Plus feature allows you to delegate responsibility while protecting sensitive data.

If you’re looking for a single source for all of your training records, OSCA’s data management program is the answer. We can merge your in-house employee training records with the records of employee training completed through OSCA/ASAP, providing you with the most complete employee training profile possible.

And we can tailor the program to meet the specific needs of your company.

For more on how OSCA/ASAP’s data management program can help you stay in compliance, call us toll-free at 866-699-2727.

Employee Data Management by OSCA: Versatile • Flexible • Customizable