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New Hire Orientation Programs - Specific to Your Company's Needs

Company Specific Orientation

The safety training needs of new hires always varies depending on the background of the people who are hired. But there is one training program all new hires need: company-specific orientation.

Every new employee needs to quickly get up to speed on your organization’s safety rules, evacuation procedures, HR policies and other issues specific to your company. But providing company-specific orientation can become a drain on your training resources. You need to create the program. And you need to set aside time for someone to train new hires on your company’s policies and procedures. If your company is going through a major hiring phase, company orientation programs can take over your job.

To help you save time and resources, OSCA has developed our unique computer-based orientation program. We work with you to create an orientation program specific to the needs of your company.

Just think of the benefits that come with OSCA/ASAP’s company-specific orientation programs:

Program Benefits

  • Consistent messaging, no matter how many times the presentation is made to new hires
  • Optimized internal training resources
  • More time for training personnel to devote to other important projects