Security Plus™ System

OSCA/ASAP’s proprietary Security Plus data management program will free up time you didn't know you had

Security Plus™ – Delegate Responsibility And Protect Sensitive Data

OSCA/ASAP’s exclusive Security Plus feature allows you to delegate HR responsibility to members of your team while allowing you to retain control over the entire program to ensure your confidential data is protected.

With our exclusive Security PLUS System, you have control over the database functions and permission levels that are assigned to your staff members. Delegate the permission to view or manipulate your worker's, employees, and contractor data you want your staff to see.

If you want only your HR department to see the results of background checks – it’s easy. If you want the safety manager and HR administrator to have access to drug results – again, it’s simple to delegate the responsibility in that way.

Security Plus provides added security in assigning permission levels, and securely streamlines the management of your employee data in one web based hosted software platform.