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Instructor Led

Enhancing the Learning Environment with Instructor-Led Safety Training

Instructor Led Training

For more than a decade, OSCA/ASAP has been providing its their employees. The opportunity for trainees to interact live with highly qualified instructors provides an engaging and effective learning environment.

And it all happens in OSCA/ASAP’s state-of-the art training facilities.

OSCA Premier Instructor-Led Courses

One Source for ALL Your Training Records

Through our sophisticated Security Plus data management program, we can not only track the results of your employees’ participation in our instructor-led program, we can also combine these results with your internal training records to create the most complete record of employee training history.

Need to know when an employee needs recertification? Security Plus has the information. Let OSCA/ASAP be your one-stop source for training and sophisticated records management.

Check out our instructor-led courses, or call us toll-free at 866-699-2727 for more information about our training programs.