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Maximize Your Time and Resources: Outsource to OSCA/ASAP

Maximize Internal Efficiencies

If you are looking for a cost-effective training solution for your company or are interested in offering your employees industry specific training programs, you can easily maximize your efficiencies by outsourcing your training to OSCA/ASAP.

With OSCA/ASAP as your third party administrator, you can remove yourself from time-consuming day-to-day training and data tracking headaches - and focus on other important aspects of your job.

The changing demands placed upon human resource and safety professionals have required organizations to move towards new and innovative methods of disseminating company culture, benefits and safety requirements to their workforce. Instructor-led employee orientations are being replaced with customized computer based training modules.

For more than ten years, OSCA/ASAP has worked with Fortune 50 employers in southern California to develop an efficient and cost-effective company orientation and safety training programs.

Tap into our experience. Let us help you create a cost-effective training program that answers your needs.

The benefits of using OSCA/ASAP are numerous

  • Outsource training to a reliable partner
  • Optimize HR and Safety Managers' time
  • Deliver consistent messages about corporate culture, company benefits and company orientation
  • Easily update programs and courses
  • Simplify billing through advanced record keeping and record retrieval
  • Online registration and audit controls
  • Deliver training anywhere in the world through our secure web-based program

Take the headache out of your training and let OSCA/ASAP create a highly effective training and database tracking system to suit your company's training and industry regulatory needs. Contact OSCA/ASAP today at 866-699-2727 (toll-free!)