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Enhance Employee Safety
Improve Regulatory Compliance
Save Time Managing Employee Records
Reduce Costs

The Benefits of OSCA/ASAP

Key Features and Benefits of working with OSCA/ASAP

  • Increase safety and regulatory compliance
  • Decrease accidents and injuries
  • Web-based training streamed to anywhere in the world
  • Versatile safety training solutions offered in multiple languages
  • Outsourcing training allows HR and Safety Managers to focus on other areas of responsibility
  • Programs are easy to update and customize
  • Provides consistent delivery of company messages and training
  • Sophisticated, powerful and secure online database offers advanced record keeping and efficient record retrieval
  • One source for ALL your training records, with the capability of including records from OSCA courses and from internal training done at your facility
  • Cost-effective audit controls
  • Reduces in-house IT costs

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