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Department of Transportation

D.O.T. Substance Abuse Programs

Substance Abuse Programs

OSCA/ASAP is dedicated to providing comprehensive design, implementation, and administration of your substance abuse program under federal and state regulations. We have over 20 years experience in program management, MRO services, drug testing, and specimen collections. Certified Substance Abuse Program Administrators (C-SAPAs) are on staff to answer your compliance-related questions.

Our secure and proprietary online data delivery system is accessible at all times, via the Internet, to provide you with real-time results when you need them. We also offer standardized and integrated program design and online employee data magement for multiple company locations and/or divisions.

Let OSCA/ASAP take the challenge out of managing your substance abuse program. With our exclusive Security PLUS System, you, as the Designated Employer Representative (DER), have control over the database functions and permission levels that you assign to staff members. You provide them with the ability to view or manipulate data within the OSCA/ASAP database that you have delegated specifically to the individual. You get the assistance you need in managing your program with the security and confidence that all sensitive data is protected.

Our substance abuse program services include

  • Policy Development and Management
  • Data and Record Maintenance
  • Audits and Compliance Monitoring
  • Management by Work Locations and/or Divisions
  • Random Testing
  • Online Reports and Billing
  • SAMHSA/DHHS Laboratory Drug Screening and Confirmation
  • In-House Medical Review Officer (MRO) Services
  • Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) Referrals
  • Supervisor, Employee and DER Training
  • Collection Site Services/Referrals
  • Blind Specimen Testing