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OSCA Announces New Cal/OSHA Compliant Heat Illness Prevention Program

Summer is here and with the longer days come higher temperatures and an increased risk
of heat illness.

Cal/OSHA has begun its yearly heat sweeps to ensure compliance with General Industry
Safety Orders section 3395. Already this year, the agency has conducted more than 650
inspections and it will ramp up enforcement activities in the coming week. "For outdoor
workers, the hot sun with high temperatures can be life-threatening," warns Cal/OSHA.

OSCA is pleased to offer a new computer based training course, Heat Illness Prevention.
This training is specifically designed to help keep employees safe during high heat
conditions, while complying with state and federal heat illness training requirements.

The cost of the 25-minute program is $15.00 per student and it is available in both
English and Spanish. This course can be taken at our Carson and Martinez locations or
online. All participants taking this course at our OSCA locations will have this training
appear on their OSCA Badges and in the OSCA database.

Developed in cooperation with the Cal/OSHA Consultation Program, the objective of this
course is to provide employee and supervisor awareness regarding heat illness symptoms,
ways to prevent illness, and what to do if symptoms occur. This program meets or
exceeds training compliance requirements for employers, supervisors and employees
under the California Code of Regulations, Title 8, Section 3395.

For any questions regarding this course, please contact OSCA at (866) 699-2727.