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Security Plus System

Comprehensive online employee records management and automated compliance tool for General Industries

Security Plus

OSCA/ASAP’s exclusive Security Plus feature allows you to delegate responsibility to members of your team while allowing you to retain control over the entire program to ensure your confidential data is protected.

With our exclusive Security PLUS System, you, as the Primary Designated Employer Representative (DER), have control over the database functions and permission levels that are assigned to your construction staff members. You delegate the permission to view or manipulate just the data you want your staff to see.

If you want only your construction HR department to see the results of background checks – it’s easy. If you want the safety manager and HR administrator to have access to drug results – again, it’s simple to delegate the responsibility in that way.

To assign permissions, you can either use the “set permission” templates designed by OSCA/ASAP – or you can customize the templates to your needs.

Security Plus for General Industries not only provides you with added security in assigning permission levels, but it also simplifies the management of your employee data. By assigning employees to individual work locations, you can sort data by alphanumeric, P.O. number, project name or any unique identifier you create.

Organizing your information using unique identifiers allows you to simplify the retrieval of training records, quickly determine license and certification expiration dates and easily determine program costs by location.

To learn how OSCA/ASAP’s Security Plus System can maximize your efficiencies and save you time and money, call toll-free at 866-699-2727.