Safety Training

Partner Companies:

TitleAscending OrderTime
Aquilex Hydrochem - Safe Driving is No Accident 60
CF Industries Site Orientation 60
Combustible Dust Awareness for Coal Proctored 45
Human Performance - Understanding the Basics 45
IMTT Geismar Site Orientation 60
PowerSafe Ameren’s Class 2 Qualified Employee/Substation Entry 45
PowerSafe Entergy Annual Gas Specific 30
PowerSafe Entergy EPZ Annual Specific 30
PowerSafe Entergy Fossil Refresher 45
PowerSafe Entergy Fossil Specific 90
PowerSafe Entergy Fossil Work Area Protection 30
PowerSafe Entergy T&D Annual Specific 30
PowerSafe Generation 150
PowerSafe Generation - Refresher 90
PowerSafe Generation Electronic Exam 30
PowerSafe Meter Reader Specific Computer/Web Based 90
PowerSafe Meter Reader Specific Refresher 45
PowerSafe Meter Services Specific Computer/Web Based 30
PowerSafe Meter Services Specific Refresher Computer/Web-Based 60
PowerSafe Observer/Spotter 45
PowerSafe Oklahoma Gas & Electric (OG&E) Safety Orientation 30
PowerSafe Southern Company Generation Safety Culture 15
PowerSafe Substation Specific Computer/Web Based 90
PowerSafe Supply Chain Computer/Web-based 120
PowerSafe T & D Baseline Computer/Web Based 120
PowerSafe T & D Baseline Refresher Computer/Web Based 90
PowerSafe T & D Extended Computer/Web Based 60
PowerSafe Temporary Traffic Control 45
PowerSafe Vegetation Specific Computer/Web Based 60
PowerSafe Westar Gordon Evans Safety Orientation 45
PowerSafe Westar Hutchinson Safety Orientation 45
PowerSafe Westar Jeffrey Safety Orientation 45
PowerSafe Westar Lawrence Safety Orientation 45
PowerSafe Westar Murray Gill Safety Orientation 45
PowerSafe Westar Tecumseh Safety Orientation 45
Westar Contractor Safety Orientation-Coal Fired Facilities 45
Westar Contractor Safety Orientation-Gas Fired Facilities 45

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