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Laser Safety

Description: Since the 1960s, lasers have been used in many applications in the engineering, biological and industrial fields. However, lasers can present a variety of potentially serious hazards, including hazardous biological or chemical fumes given off by materials being lased and injury to the eyes and the skin from laser radiation. Lethal electrical and fire hazards can also be present with high-powered lasers. This course outlines the hazards that lasers present as well as how to work safely with and around them.

Objectives: •What lasers are and how they are used •The properties of laser light •Components of a laser •Potential hazards associated with lasers and their use •Laser hazard evaluation assessment •Laser hazard classes •Control measures •Safety and usage rules •Responsibilities when working with lasers

Duration: 41 min

Language: English

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Categories: Lab Safety, OSHA Essentials

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